About the BMA

Supporting you every step of your journey

We were the sole negotiators of the general practice contract, and for the past 75 years, we’ve been dedicated to representing, supporting and negotiating on behalf of all UK doctors and medical students. Today, we’re proud to support our newly formed primary care networks across England. We’re still member-run and led, fighting for the best terms and conditions, as well as lobbying and campaigning on the issues impacting primary care network leads and GPs.

We represent you

Ensuring our members’ voices are heard nationally, locally and in the workplace.

We campaign for change

Campaigning to raise awareness about issues facing the medical workforce and health care.

We negotiate on your behalf

Negotiating at a national and local level on key issues facing the medical profession.

We support you

Providing valuable expert advice and resources relating to every aspect of your working life.

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Join the PCN community

Connect and engage with fellow clinical directors and leverage the experience of the BMA and PCN network to guide you to PCN success

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