Leading the change at the PCN conference

Change is the new normal for primary care. The introduction of PCNs this year will be followed by further evolution in 2020 to better meet increasing demands. Patient needs are more complex than ever, with increasingly challenging, long-term conditions that require coordinated and integrated care.

We’ve listened to the feedback since PCNs came into force in the summer. We recognise how important it is to build on previous hard work and that we continue to expand and develop PCNs further.

With the five-year framework in place, our ability to prepare, make decisions and provide leadership, as well as implement service changes and collaborate with colleagues across the healthcare system becomes even more essential.

This year’s conference will explore how – with the right guidance – the PCN ecosystem can flourish. We’ll show you how to lead change within your PCN against a backdrop of wider shifts in patient care.

With a range of workshops, case studies, panel discussions and Q&As happening over a full day – and a line-up of sharp minds bringing us the latest insights and best practice – you’ll discover how best to lead change and deliver a wider range of services.

PCNs are an opportunity to redefine general practice in a way that suits our teams, practices and communities. We’re here to help you work through all the details so that your PCN can deliver the targeted, proactive care your patients demand.

The next PCN phase will begin in not-so-far-off April 2020. So that you are fully prepared before then, we’ve put together a comprehensive programme for our second PCN conference, taking place at The ICC Birmingham on 8 February 2020.

The conference will bring together hundreds of PCN leaders, enabling you to develop the necessary skills needed to run a successful PCN. You’ll also gain valuable insights into what’s happening across England, share best practice and build supportive relationships.

PCN DES negotiators, accountants, clinical directors and business managers, LMC offices, and other members of the PCN workforce will share practical knowledge through a series of workshops, case studies, panel discussions and Q&As.

The conference will cover five key streams:

  • PCN workforce: how PCN leaders recruit and manage the new workforce. Plus, ‘members of the five ARRS workforce roles’ talk about what they’re doing across the country.
  • PCN clinical services: what the new service specifications include, and what they mean for PCNs.
  • PCN development: where PCNs are heading over the next four years and how you can help your PCN get there.
  • PCN partnership working: learn about other organisations you’ll engage with, and how PCNs are working together.
  • PCN funding: what upcoming funding is for and how clinical directors are making existing funds go further.

Speakers at the event will include leaders such as Krishna Kasaraneni, BMA GPC negotiator and Richard Vautrey, GPC chair, as well as clinical directors sharing their experiences, lessons and successes (such as Geetha Chandrasekaran, clinical director of North Halifax PCN and Sian Stanley from Stort Valley & Villages PCN).

Further highlights include:

  • networking time to share experiences with your colleagues
  • free one-to-one sessions with our career coaches
  • opportunities to speak with our partner organisations about relevant support for your PCN
  • legal and tax clinics for personalised advice on your situation
  • insurance clinics looking at any gaps in your insurance cover.

Our early booking discount is available until 17 January 2020 – book your place at the BMA 2020 PCN conference.

Sian HeaphyLeading the change at the PCN conference

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