Data and population health – webinar summary

Missed our webinar on population health? We’ve summarised key areas covered in last week’s session:

The BMA held its third webinar as part of its package of learning and development aimed at developing the skillsets and leadership capabilities of clinical directors.

The webinar focused on using data to improve population health and covered the following key areas:

  • Identify what is meant by population health data and how to access it
  • Explore how population health data can be used to inform decision making
  • Understand the needs and experiences of your population to target care and monitor improvements

The definition of “health” has evolved over time. Population health incorporates this broader definition and involves an integrated system with an interdisciplinary approach to addressing inequalities and wider determinants of health, using data to guide decisions and address challenges faced by segments of the population. This webinar helps to understand how PCNs contribute to population health and what data is available to guide decisions.

In the “Determinants of health” diagram (pictured below) the layers in the arc all impact health separate to health services for example individual lifestyle factors or education, water and sanitation or housing impact on health outcomes. There is consensus and evidence that the layers in the outer ring have most impact, that is that socioeconomic, cultural and environmental conditions impact greatly on health outcomes.

Determinants of health

The webinar also covered measuring population health specifically for PCNs as well as highlighting invaluable resources such as Public Health England (PHE) Footprints data.

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Adrian BrooksData and population health – webinar summary
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Learning and Development

Learning and development

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The masterclasses scheduled for 24 and 25 March are now cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Please remember to cancel any travel or accommodation arrangements that you have made.

All of the webinars delivered to date have been recorded and are available to watch to registered attendees. The remaining webinars have been postponed and a revised schedule will be shared in October 2020.


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